Wilo-SiBoost Smart Helix VE

Special features/product advantages
  • Sturdy system with to Helix VE series stainless-steel high-pressure multistage centrifugal pumps with integrated frequency converter
  • Over-proportionally wide control range from 25 Hz up to a maximum of 60 Hz
  • Entire system is pressure-loss optimised
  • Integrated dry-running detection with automatic deactivation via the motor control electronics
  • Maximum degree of control using the SCe control device with LC display, simple navigation and configuration using rotary knob


Highly efficient water supply unit ready for connection (non self-priming). With 2 to 4 vertically arranged Helix VE series stainless steel high-pressure centrifugal pumps in glanded version switched in parallel; every pump is equipped with an integrated air-cooled frequency converter, incl. Smart Controller SCe.


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